Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!


We will discuss all of the solo leveling systems, such as the Hunter’s ranking system, which determines which hunter is more powerful, the Dungeon Gates ranking system, which determines which dungeon is more dangerous, etc. At the conclusion, we will also discuss how regular people began to transform into hunters and how supernatural powers began to enter all of these. If you’re interested, read this post through to the very end.

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!
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How Hunters are Ranked in Solo Leveling?

As you are already aware, solo leveling hunters receive a rank of six. The weakest hunter is an E rank hunter, more powerful is a D rank hunter, the much powerful is a C rank hunter, followed by B, A, and finally, the strongest hunter is an S rank hunter.

National-Level Hunters 

At least within a nation, there are stronger hunters than these, who are referred to as national-level hunters. A hunter is born like a human, but at some point in his life, he awakens as a hunter. Some people never awaken as hunters, but some are gifted. Additionally, after the hunter has attained a certain rank, there are very few opportunities left for him to advance in rank. There are also very few opportunities for him to reawaken, with the majority of reawakened hunters falling into the A or S category. Finally, there are very few opportunities for him to advance to the national level after reawakening. In terms of power levels, the weakest of these rank hunters is the E rank hunter, who is so weak that he is just slightly more powerful than an average person.

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!
Image Credit: D&C Media

Power Testing and Ranking

And if you build a body, you can reach the level of E hunter. From then on, a hunter with a rank higher than E is regarded as powerful, and a hunter with a rank higher than S is unquantifiably powerful. Indeed, these hunters are ranked after having their power tested by a machine; but, since the power of S rank hunters cannot be measured, they are placed in a unique category, which is S rank hunters’ S, as I previously mentioned.

Power Comparison Between S-Rank and National-Level Hunters 

Until two S-rank hunters engage in combat, it is impossible to determine which of them is stronger because their powers are unmeasured. The same is true of this national-level hunter, although it is true that the national-level hunter is more powerful than the S-rank hunter.

Power Display in Solo Leveling 

If you stand next to a national-level hunter and an S-rank hunter, you can tell who is stronger by observing their aura. However, we don’t witness this in Solo Leveling, where a national-level hunter like Thomas Andre literally threatens an S-rank hunter and destroys them both by displaying their auras and powers. As he stated, though, the power of an S-rank hunter cannot be measured, so the national-level hunter is superior to that.

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!
Image Credit: D&C Media

Power Gap Between National Hunters 

His power is unimaginable, as demonstrated by the fight between him and Thomas Andre. Although both men were national hunters at the time of the fight, Sangho defeated Andre like a dog because of their immense power gap. Let’s move on to the topic of Dungeon Gates.

How Dungeon Gates are Ranked in Solo Leveling?

Then, their ranking system is comparable; for example, there are now gates with ranks of E, D, C, B, A, and S. What is the rank of each of these gates? Any gate is ranked according to its magical energy, or the amount of magical energy it emits. This ranking is subject to change based on the difficulty of a gate, and yes, gates can also change, meaning that normal gates can now become red gates.

Closing the Gates 

How many hunters are needed to close these gates? A C rank gate may also be transformed to be an A rank or S rank gate, though there are extremely small possibilities of it becoming S rank. If any gate is turned into a red gate, the difficulty level increases significantly. Although it doesn’t seem official, I have an idea after reading the entire manual, so let me explain. To start, the E rank gate is very simple to close; any hunter group can do so with ease.

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!
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Gate Entry and Closure

In actuality, it may be closed without a group if you go to an A-rank hunter alone. Closing these gates is really that simple. The D-rank gate comes next, and entry is not difficult. Now, you need a B-level hunter at the very least to close this gate. To close this gate, you now need at least three to four C-rank hunters—even if you don’t have a B-rank hunter. Since anybody can fight E or D-level hunters as well as common creatures, However, the boss.

Defeating Other Rankers

The same is true for the other rankers, meaning that in order to defeat the other rankers, you must have a higher rank hunter. For example, in order to open a D-rank gate, you must have at least one B-rank hunter or two or three C-rank hunters. Similarly, this is true for A, B, and C rank gates. The problem is that lower-ranking people aren’t allowed to enter the gate.

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!
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S-Rank Gates

Again, this only applies to A-rank gates because S-rank gates are unique because it appears that at least some of the lower-rank hunters will die at the hands of regular monsters, making it extremely dangerous for them to enter these gates. For this reason, the majority of upper-rank gate users are A, B, or C-rank hunters.

S-Rank Gates and National Danger Hunters

are instructed to become involved with this gate and evacuate everyone because if this gate appears in any country, then the entire country is in danger. This was even announced. Hunters are not permitted to approach this gate; instead, they should be S-rank hunters. Because there are usually things beyond these gates that a typical hunter cannot access, S-rank gates are extremely deadly.

Monarchs and S-Rank Gates 

Moreover, they work with monarchs. However, for the time being, they are extremely dangerous creatures that are not humans, and managing these S-rank gates involves battling these monsters. However, it should be noted that S-rank gates are not always easy to find—they often appear after a long period of time—and that the speed at which they attack the nation—that is, after these hunters and all these dungeon gates—depends on the monarchs.

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!
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Monarchs, Rulers, and an Architect 

But there’s no Hunter either. Because there are many entities that come in the game Monarchs, Rulers, and an architect—I don’t know who he is, but I wrote his name and the third, no, the fourth, absolute god who made all these entities. Even though I dislike history, if we look into Sung Jin-Woo’s past, this all-powerful god created monarchs and rulers by combining light and evil. Rulers were utilized to put an end to the destruction that monarchs had caused.

The Absolute Being and the Rulers

Why doesn’t he act while he is attempting to battle against this ultimate being, this god? We all have to battle the king, but even though we are fighting for justice, he is not standing with us. He wants to protest to this ultimate deity, but this god remains silent and doesn’t say anything, which infuriates many people. What should I name these angels? Rulers, or whatever term you want to use, and they killed this ultimate entity, so one angel was now working against him.

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!
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The Ruler Against the Absolute Being

Once more, he is an angel, but not just any angel—he is a ruler. One ruler opposed him, and that ruler was against killing Ashborn, the absolute god, who later became the Shadow Monarch. Sanjinu, the heir to that Shadow Monarch, is not under his control. However, if we go back in time, we see that despite the rulers and monarchs—that is, despite killing the god—the fight continues for a very long time, with the rulers always emerging victorious over the monarchs, despite the monarchs having already caused a great deal of damage.

The Power of the Rulers

Particularly on Earth, the rulers reasoned that these weak people could use magical energy on them, which in turn releases magical energy. As I mentioned earlier, this release of magical energy makes hunters, who then become hunters, making them strong and able to save themselves from the destruction. Now, you may be thinking that destruction is nothing since they fought all the monarchs before, but let me assure you that the rulers possessed such power.

Solo Leveling: Hunters & Dungeon Ranking System Explained!
Image Credit: D&C Media

Time Rewind and the Power of Sung Jin-Woo

And the person who had it had the ability to turn back time, meaning that each time monarchs murdered them, the destruction they caused would spread throughout humanity. As a result, time was always turned back; this time, Sung Jin-Woo obtained the power and killed everyone. And using this, the sun rewinds time again, and without killing anyone, he kills all these monarchs alone.

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