Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?


Are you curious about the new anime Kaiju No. 8? This review will tell you everything you need to know. It is a new anime series with over 100 manga chapters that was premiere on April 13, 2024. Throughout this Kaiju No. 8 review, we'll explore the captivating characters, animation style, plot and some basic information about the anime. So be sure to read the article till end.

Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?
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Unique Premiere and Initial Impressions

This anime generated a lot of attention because of its extremely unique premiere. It's official—this is the first anime ever to stream on Twitter and it was a rather unusual experience. We had access to two special pre-shows of Kaiju No. 8 on that platform, when the Japanese cast and team discussed the show and offered their unique perspectives on it. All in all, it was a really wonderful event. Furthermore, the episode was excellent as well. I was somewhat aback to discover that Kaiju No. 8 reminded me a lot of Attack on Titan, a series I'm well familiar with.

First Impressions and Visual Appeal

The episode really gets right into the action right away, which surprised me. I likewise think the visuals are good from the outset. The anime's studio, Production IG, is highly renowned for its realistic and lifelike feel, which is a result of its highly desaturated modernistic approach.

Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?
Image credit goes to Production I.G

Animation Style and Artistic Direction

I would even venture to say that the overall artistic approach and animation style of Kaiju No.8 has the impression of a more recent adaptation of an anime similar to Production IG's Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex. In other words, the art design has a lot of characteristics from Production IG and what they usually produce. A vocal minority appeared to dislike of Production IG approach due to its use of more realistic and desaturated colors. However, I prefer to disagree because I believe Kaiju No. 8 looks good as is.

The Universe of Kaiju No. 8

Thus, the universe of Kaiju No. 8 is an unique one with an abundance of Kaiju. For convenience, kaiju can also be referred to as monsters. They are considered strange creatures. Now, if there are monsters in this world, then there must be monster killers too.

The Role of the Japanese Defense Force

Thus, we witness the Japanese defense force neutralizing the large Kaijus here. The story doesn’t finish here, though. A cleaning crew will also be required once these Kaiju are neutralized in order to clean up their dead remains. So the details of that are also given in this manga where Kaiju cleaning companies clean the remains of these Kaiju’s. Also, they break down the Kaiju part by part and harvest their special organs.

Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?
Image credit goes to Production I.G

The Use of Kaiju Organs

Since these organs are utilized to create unique, powerful weapons and task force suits. In the future, humans will be able to battle even larger Kaiju with the aid of these weapons and suits.

The Protagonist: Kafka Hibino

Do you get it? It’s somewhat of a cycle. That’s true. This manga’s protagonist is employed by Monster Sweeper Inc., a cleaning company. The primary characters in anime are typically quite young, between the ages of 15 and 16. However, Kafka Hibino, the primary character, is 32 years old. Kafka also had a childhood friend, whom you can also call her love interest. Yes, Mina is her name. However, Mina is not a typical woman. She is an extremely popular captain of the 3rd Division. To put it plainly, 27-year-old Mina Ashiru is well-known throughout the nation.

Who is Mina Ashiro in Kaiju No.8?

because she hunts Kaijus. And she’s very good at this. In their early years, Kafka and Mina made a promise to one another that they would one day become officers and enlist in the Defense Force. Because of her immense strength, Mina joined the Defense Force and rose to the rank of officer. She is incredibly well-liked. However, Kafka failed the exam required to join the Defense Force.

Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?
Image credit goes to Production I.G

Kafka’s Journey

So he had to join the cleaning service. Don’t take Kafka lightly, though; he is a little more skilled at cleaning. He knows a great deal about kaijus. As in the many kinds of kaijus, where their weaknesses are, where their codes are, etc. Before I continue, let me to briefly explain some kaiju terminology so you know what terms are used to refer to kaiju in this universe.

Understanding Kaiju Terminology

Thus, one Kaiju can be Yoju or Honju. Basically, Honju are main beasts and there are other small kaiju around them. Kind of like residual beasts and they are called Yoju. Yoju is now available in various forms. Like, either they were made by Honju or they were leeching on Honju like a parasite. Alternatively, they might originate from Honju’s roots. 

Who is Reno Ichikawa in Kaiju No.8?

Thus, a 13-year-old boy is shown joining a cleaning company in the manga’s opening chapters. Reno Ichikawa is the name of this boy. Who also wants to join the Defense Force. However, the exam is still a few months away, so in the meantime, he joins the Cleaning Company and tries to learn more about Kaiju. Here, Reno meets the main character, Kafka, and Reno knows how Kafka also wanted to join the Defense Force, but he had to give up on his dream. Initially, Kafka and Reno’s bonding was not working. In fact, Kafka was getting irritated with Reno. But once, a Yoju attacks Reno.

Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?
Image credit goes to Production I.G

However, he risks his life to save Reno. Kafka gets injured in this attack but at the end of the day, the defense forces come which neutralizes this Yoju. And after this incident, Reno started following Kafka and their bonding was also very good.

Reno begins convincing Kafka to pursue his goal instead of giving up. Look, there is a 33-year-old cutoff age to join the defense force. You’re 32. Thus, you have one more opportunity to carry out an exam. These two are in the hospital right now talking about these things since they were hurt in the earlier incident. Subsequently, a small flying Kaiju visits the hospital, says, “Finally, I found you,” to Kafka. 

How Kafka Becomes a Kaiju?

This tiny Kaiju then enters Kafka’s mouth. As per the anime name, Kafka becomes a Kaiju. Reno, who was watching all this, was scared of Kafka becoming a Kaiju. Even yet, he assists Kafka in hiding him. Because looking at Kaiju, the Defense Force will terminate him.

Thus, the primary character finds himself transformed into a Kaiju. Let me assure you, nevertheless, that he has complete control over his mind. I mean, even if he is a Kaiju, it doesn’t mean that he is attacking everyone. He is in total control. He is thinking like a human. So in this case, this Kaiju will fight against other Kaijus and save humans. I mean, he will kind of follow his dream.

Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?
Image credit goes to Production I.G

Kafka gets super strength and other amazing powers by transforming into a kaiju. Here, Kafka is also able to detect other Kaijus. We now get to witness many more of Kafka’s abilities as the manga goes on. But that’s all there is to this introductry post. I’ll go into more detail in the upcoming articles.

You must be thinking, “Everything is OK, Kafka has powers too,” but remember that he is just a Kaiju, and the Defense Force will hit him. Thus, the issue is resolved when Kafka gradually gains control of his body over the course of several months.

He will always remain in human form and change when needed. His form is still beyond his control. Sometimes, Kaiju can get out of the way. Nevertheless, he can now go around in public with sufficient control. The Defense Force had an idea that there was a Kaiju that escaped their claws and couldn’t neutralize it. They call this Kaiju No. 8 for this reason.

Kafka’s New Goal

Now, Kafka is required to remain with Mina despite his transformation into Kaiju. In other words, he must enroll in Mina’s defense force.

As I mentioned earlier, the tests were scheduled to take place in a few months. Now that they are here, Kafka and Reno proceed to conduct the tests. To be clear, Kafka does not possess any Kaiju powers when he is in his human form. He needs to transform in order to inherit the power.

 You can therefore imagine how challenging it will be for him to pass this exam when he is a human. We will discuss the events that take place at the examination center at a later time. But let me tell you about a very significant character we meet here. I won’t tell you about all the characters.

Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?
Image credit goes to Production I.G

Who is Kikoru Shinomiya in Kaiju No.8?

But this important character is called Kikoru. Kikoru Shinomiya is the full name of the individual who performed well in the selection exam. Kikoru is a teenage girl and the Defense Force general’s daughter. Furthermore, Kikoru is incredibly smart and strong. Now that you have a thorough understanding of the world of Kaiju No. 8, allow me to share one more crucial detail with you.

The Power of the Defense Force Suit

Actually, each member of the Defense Force is equipped with a Defense Force suit, which is made from incredible technology and Kaiju Remains. A person with this suit can draw powers from it. Furthermore, each person’s capacity determines the amount of power they can pull. In essence, you may pull more strength from the suit the more you train, the more effort you put in, and the more powerful you are. For instance, only 8% of the power was drawn with the Renault outfit. Whereas Kikoru was able to draw 46% on her first try, which was the highest in this batch that was to be given the examination. You might be wondering, how much did Kafka draw? He could draw 0% when he was human, though. By the way, the Mina draws 96% at her current state.

Kaiju No. 8 Review: is it Worth the Hype?
Image credit goes to Production I.G

Conclusion: Kafka’s Journey and the World of Kaiju No. 8

 I know what you’re thinking: did Kafka pass this test? Indeed, he did. But after drawing zero, how did he pass it? I’ll explain in another post. All I wanted to do was share the information about the world of Kaiju  No.8 with you. Now, I’m sure your interest has grown. Indeed, the anime will also be released in April. So enjoy yourself while watching it. And let’s see how Kafka will fight big Kaiju and how he will hide his identity

If you are interested in watching this anime. So don't worry I have told you some basic things. Thus, spoilers are not a concern. I have literally told you five or six chapters from the start, if not more. If you enjoy reading this post, I'll write more about Kaiju No. 8.

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