Byakugan Explained: Unlock its Hidden Powers & Abilities


Byakugan, a powerful dojutsu from the Ōtsutsuki clan, is possessed by the Hyūga clan. It offers 360 vision, chakra sensing, and genjutsu detection. Byakugan users have unique traits, and its abilities can be enhanced through training. It can transform into Tenseigan when implanted in an Ōtsutsuki, granting new powers.


A kekkei genkai dojutsu, Byakugan has its origins in the Ōtsutsuki clan. The clan connected to Byakugan became known as the Hyūga clan once the Ōtsutsuki clan arrived on Earth. Aside from Rinnegan and Sharingan, the Ōtsutsuki descendants are considered one of the three great dojutsu. We’re going to speak about Byakugan today.

Byakugan Explained: Unlock its Hidden Powers & Abilities

Activating the Byakugan: How Does it Work?

An overview of Byakugan is required before the Sharingan user’s eyes may exhibit certain situations, yet Byakugan is always there from the moment of the user’s birth. Byakugan people are usually recognizable because they have white eyes and non-distinguishable pupils. The user’s pupils sharpen and more blood flows into the veins surrounding their eyes when they activate their Byakugan.

Unique Traits of Byakugan Users

Some users of Byakugan exhibit unusual traits. Himawari Uzumaki, a member of her mother’s line of the Hyūga clan, was born with blue eyes, but she can use Byakugan to turn them totally white. Mukai Kohinata’s family broke up a few generations before he was born, according to Itachi Shinden, since their lineage is insufficient to wield Byakugan. Mukai only possesses Byakugan in his left eye, and when he uses it alone, his eye turns white. 

Byuakugan Explained: Unlock its Hidden Powers & Abilities

Variations in Byakugan

After absorbing Kinshiki ŌtsutsukiMomoshiki Ōtsutsuki’s Byakugan changed from being similar to other users to having golden eyes. Similar to other Byakugan users, Urashiki Ōtsutsuki’s Byakugan turns golden when he consume collected chakra with his eyes. Ishiki Ōtsutsuki possessed a single Byakugan in his left eye and a second dojutsu in his right eye.

Hyuga clan's secret weapon: how they protect the Byakugan

Byakugan’s abilities make it very prominent. Cloud Village, also known as Hyūga Affairs, has made several attempts to learn about and acquire Byakugan. After murdering a Hyūga member, Kirigakure’s Ao acquires a Byakugan, which he seals to keep it safe. Ao has the ability to control the activation and deactivation of his Byakugan in addition to the other implanted dojutsu. Danzō Shimura intends to get and destroy Ao’s Byakugan as soon as he finds out about it.

Byakugan Explained: Unlock its Hidden Powers & Abilities

Cursed Seal: Protecting the Byakugan from Others

The Hyūga clan started marking the majority of its members with curse seals to protect Byakugan from the enemy. When a member dies as a result of the curse seal, their Byakugan is destroyed. It is shown in the anime that no one can use its powers just by possessing Byakugan, even if they are close to it by their jump. To summon Byakugan’s power, they must undergo rigorous training—something that not all users are capable of.

What are the abilities of Byakugan?

Those who have Byakugan have 360 vision, but there is a blind spot on the thoracic vertebra behind their neck. Byakugan has the ability to see through any material, including walls, beneath the earth, and within any human body. Byakugan may be unable to see through some obstacles, such as a smoke screen covered with mineral dust.

Byakugan Explained: Unlock its Hidden Powers & Abilities

Focused Vision and Chakra Sensing

Byakugan may be used to focus vision anywhere and on everyone within its range. It can also be used to scan a large area and locate specific points within it. The precise range of Byakugan varies depending on the person, although it may be enhanced with practice. Neji Hyūga’s Byakugan had a 50-meter range in Part 1, but by Part 2, it could see up to 800 meters. Compared to Sharingan, Byakugan has a stronger sense of chakra, enabling users to distinguish between the original chakra and a person’s signature chakra.

Chakra Pathway System and Genjutsu Detection

Byakugan’s chakra vision is so strong that it can use 361 tenketsu to display the target’s chakra pathway system. To capitalize on this, Hyūga created a gentle combat style where the user can choose to attack Byakugan’s chakra and seal it or force it open. In Book of Dark Knight, Mukai uses a gentle face to split the opponent’s chakra-based jutsu. Byakugan can detect if an opponent is using a genjutsu or not because of its ability to sense chakra.

Byakugan Explained: Unlock its Hidden Powers & Abilities

Limitations and Enhancements of Byakugan

For this reason, Ao acknowledges his Byakugan for revealing genjutsu. Like Sharingan, Byakugan does not give any defense to its user against genjutsu. In Book of Dark Knight, Mukai Kohinata was caught because of genjutsu even though Byakugan was there. The effectiveness of the user’s genjutsu is increased by Byakugan. In Infinite Tsukuyomi, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki captured the attention of the whole country with her Byakugan. According to Momoshiki, his Byakugan may change other people’s destinies but not its own.

What are some additional abilities of Byakugan

In the anime episodes, Byakugan’s variety of various abilities have also been shown. By using its body heat, it can identify the target. It may determine the chakra development of an individual. With the use of her Byakugan, Kaguya was able to look into the target’s head, ascertaining his feelings and thoughts as well as his memories. She was more skilled than Hamura Ōtsutsuki. He was unable to stop Kaguya’s Byakugan with his own. Kaguya could emit chakra pulses from her Byakugan to bring down the target. This allows the user to examine the strategies used by the opponents. Like a predictive ability.

Byakugan Explained: Unlock its Hidden Powers & Abilities

How Byakugan transforms into tenseigan?

Tenseigan is created when a Byakugan of Hyūga is implanted in an Ōtsutsuki, combining the chakras of these two clans. The user gains certain new talents upon completion of this transformation, which takes a few days to complete, like Truth-Seeking Orbs and Tenseigan Chakra Mode. When the user’s strength decreases during combat, Tenseigan may lose its power and transform back into Byakugan. 

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